We are preparing a lot of news !!!!!


The new, 43rd edition FGT brings many changes, so these are some of them explained:

  1. THE NEW COURSE – Trainee Mini Trail (10,1km; D+/- 472m) – planned from the beginning, now the time has come to organize this short course which is suitable for absolute beginners as an entrance to the trail running world, sharing the same course as the best trail runners. It will start from Popovica (8:45 AM), with other competitors. You will have to finish it in 4 hours.
  2. CHANGE no 1– THE BIG WESTERN TRAIL – (85km; D+/- 3.338m) IS NOW COMPETITIVE COURSE, INSTEAD OF THE GREAT EASTERN TRAIL – this change will increase the total length and overall climb slightly, but the key difference is the number of points it brings to you now. Instead of 3 UTMB points so far, NOW worth 4 UTMB points !!! The first part of the course is unchanged, then from CP Astal head towards the CP TV Tower and to CP Letenka take the famous route. This is where you begin to discover the beauties of the Western part of Fruška Gora. The time limit at your disposal remained the same – 27 hours.
  3. CHANGE no 2 – THE MIDDLE WESTERN TRAIL (57,7km; D+/-2.324m) IS NOW COMPETITIVE COURSE, INSTEAD OF THE MIDDLE EAST TRAIL – the course is shorter by 2km and the cumulative climb changes. Now, instead of last year’s D+/-2.140m, you will need to overcome D+/-2.324m, which will earn you 3 UTMB points. The time limit available to you has remained the same – 17 hours.
  4. Ultra Extreme Trail, Ultra Trail Marathon and Small East Extreme Trail courses will remain THE SAME AS BEFORE.
  5. BUS TRANSFER TO THE START – All competitors (Courses longer than 41km + Trainee mini marathon with online registration) will have the opportunity to be brought to the Start place for free (with the obligatory display of their starting number on boarding the bus)

We hope that you will enjoy on this new courses next April!


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