Fruška Gora Trail is a sporting and recreational event of an international character. We are proud to point out that we are one of the oldest trail running and hikking event of this type in Europe, which has continuously been held for more than four decades.

The first race was held on May 27th and 28th, 1978 on the trail of Great Marathon, in the length of 86 km (within this course there was also the trail of Small and the Medium marathon).

For this year’s edition we prepared 19 trails of different lengths and different altitude differences. All of them are traced in the hilly, forest belt of Fruška gora (97% forest / 3% urban environment), which is only 10 km away from Novi Sad. Along the trail, you will have the opportunity to see and go through numerous medieval Serbian monasteries: Grgeteg (XV century), Staro Hopovo (XVI century), Novo Hopovo (XIV century), Jazak (XVI century), Bešenovo (VIII century). You will see the concrete structure of a television relay destroyed in the NATO bombing in 1999 (the so-called TV tower), ethno village “Vrdnik Tower”, walk across numerous streams, climb to the highest peak of Fruška gora (539 m) and descend the waterfall of Dumbovo stream.

The trails of a competitive character are certified by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) and are qualified for the Mont Blanc Race (Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc):

  1. Ultra Extreme Trail – 5 ITRA points (134km,:D+/- 5.720m) Limit: 35 hours
  2. Ultra Trail Marathon- 4 ITRA points (108km; D+/- 4.120m) Limit: 35 hours
  3. Middle East Trail – 3 ITRA points (59km; D+/- 2.140m) Limit: 17 hours
  4. Small East Extreme Trail – 2 ITRA points (42.2km; D+/- 2.090m) Limit:12 hours
  5. Trainee Souther Trail – 1 ITRA point (22km; D+/-898m) Limit: 6 hours

The remaining 9 trails are of a recreational character (hiking) and aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and conservation of nature, as well as, cultural and historical heritage.

List of the remaining 9 trails that are on offer:

No.Trail nameLength (km)Ascent and descentNumber of ITRA pointsTrail is open (hours)
6.Small West Extreme Trail35,91.520 m/12
7.Small East Trail32,21.313 m/10
8.Small West Trail33,11.186 m/10
9.Small Trail West-West31,11.458 m /1.173 m/10
10.Trainee Trail West-West19,6719 m/7
11.Trainee West Trail18,8825 m/7
12.Trainee East Trail16,3640 m/7
13.Trainee Mini Trail10,1472 m/4
14.Joy and Pleasure Trail4,1184 m/3

Only children of preschool age accompanied by parents or the other authorized adult can take part in ”Joy and Pleasure Trail” (Start at 11 a.m., 28th April, 2024)

It is estimated that on the marathon trials (216 km) we have over 8,500 markings. In most parts, it is a white circle with a red heart in the middle, some of which are red and white stripes, sometimes arrows or reflective bands on the night part of the trail.

There are 26 checkpoints in which during the marathon somebody is on duty; there are 13 checkpoints for refreshments, and at 6 checkpoints, the medical service is on duty.


START/FINISH: Popovica, 26th April, 2025; “SPORT APPLICATION” 08:55AM, “FUN & GROUP APPLICATIONS” 09:00 AM,   Coordinates: 45.184066 N  19.826913 E

”Joy and Pleasure Trail” (children of pre-school age accompanied by parents or other authorized adult) Start at Sunday (27th April, 2025) at 11.30AM.


START: The Small Trail West-West is at 10:30AM at Jazak Monastery in Jazacki Prnjavor (control point 12) and the Trainee Trail West-West at 13:00 on Letenka 1 (control point 14). FINISH: The Small Trail West-West is at KT Brankovac (control point 21), and the Trainee Trail West-West is at KT Letenka 1 (control point 14)