Dear trail runners, mountaineers and other outdoor activity lovers,


Type in your planner 42nd FRUSKA GORA TRAIL (04th -05th May 2019)!!!

We successfully completed the certification of our 5 tracks, according to new changed and significantly strengthened criteria ITRA.

Certified tracks are:

  1. Ultra Extreme Trail (134.3km; D+/- 5.720m) – 5 UTMB points
  2. Ultra Trail (108.2km; D+/- 4.120m) – 4 UTMB points
  3. Big East Trail (81.9km; D+/- 3.180m) – 3 UTMB points
  4. Medium East Trail (59.6km; D+/- 2.140m) – 3 UTMB points
  5. Small East Extreme Trail (42.2km; D+/-2.090m) – 2UTMB points