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Preliminary Starting List for MaxBet 46th Fruška Gora Trail

Dear Trail Runners (SPORT APPLICATIONS),

We ask all of you who have paid the registration fee on time to check if your name is on this Preliminary Start List.

There is a possibility that we have left someone out, so let’s fix it in the next 24 hours. (Write to: fruskogorskimaraton.ns@gmail.com)

The reason for this deadline is the publication of personalized starting numbers.

For the first time at our event, the participants of the tracks (42km, 59km, 107km and 134km) will receive a GPS tracker when entering the pre-start zone (30 minutes before the start, and the start is on Saturday at 08.55 AM). This enables us to follow the race online and increases the safety of the participants themselves. We are sending a tracking link soon!!!