Fruškogorski maraton

Fruškogorski maraton

Zarazite se prirodom zarad zdravlja - poštujmo prirodu, postignimo nedostižno


Informations about Mountaineering marathon on Fruska gora


On 40th Fruska gora Marathon on April 22rd-23th, 2017

The Marathon is the international, sport and recreational manifestation which has and does not have competing character. On the Marathon everybody who is able to walk the whole chosen trail in required time is a winner. Our saying is -”It is not important to beat other people, but yourself”. However, this saying is true for all the people who take part on the trails up to 43 km, but for those who go on the longer trails the rule ”it is important to win others as well” is also true.


The Marathon start is on Saturday, April 22rd at 9 AM on the slopes of Fruska gora, on Popovica located 10km southern from Novi Sad and 5 km away from Sremska Kamenica

ITRA certified trails

1. The Ultra-Extreme Marathon 134,70 kм; 5.810 D+; 6 UТМB points, gpx file
2. The Ultra Marathon 108,00 kм; 3.660 D+; 5 UТМB points, gpx file
3. The Great Eastern Marathon 81,90 kм 2.800 D+; 4 UТМB points, gpx file
4. The Medium Eastern Marathon 59,60 kм 1.880 D+; 3 UТМB points, gpx file
Note: trail lengths ups and descents are given according to ITRA

Applications for the Ultra-Extreme, Ultra, Great and Medium Marathons can be made only
online via portal “Тrка”  via link until April 9th, 2017.

  • Information (download)
  • Invitation letter (download)
  • Rulebook (download)
  • Map of refreshment and control points (download)
  • Applications for the Ultra-Extreme, Ultra, Great and Medium Marathon (download)
  • Application for the Small-Extreme, Small and Novice Marathon (download)
  • Individual application (download)

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information, e-mail:

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